Kira Morrison

Registered Nurse 



Kira is a Registered Nurse and has been working in the nursing field for 12  years. Whilst working as an Enrolled Nurse, Kira completed her Bachelor of Nursing with Central Queensland University. 


Kira has worked in both medical and surgical wards, urology departments, paediatric wards, operating theatres, anaesthetics, and GP clinics. Most recently spending the last 5 years working in fast paced Emergency Departments from Brisbane to Noosa as both an adult and paediatric Emergency nurse.


With a love for helping people, she soon realised her desire to make people feel good extended beyond that of a hospital bed. Kira is an Advanced Cosmetic Injector has undertaken training in Cosmetic Injectables with one of Australia’s leading specialists in non-surgical solutions, Juv'ae. She attends ongoing training every 8 weeks to ensure her techniques and practices remain up to date with industry standards. Kira’s calming personality enables her to quickly build professional relationships with her clients and its because of this she is so well liked within the community.  


Dermal fillers are used to refresh the face by adding lost volume, contouring angles and revitalising specific areas.

HA fillers are made from a gel like substance that is naturally found in our body, these degrade over time.


We only use the highest grade of Dermal Fillers to ensure complete patient satisfaction with desired aesthetic outcomes. Want to feel fresher, but unsure of what you need? Pop into clinic for a full face consultation. 



Premium regular  - $499 1mL  | lasts 6- 9 months

Premium thick  - $650 1mL | lasts 12-18 months

0.5mL - 1mL of Dermal Filler is used to give a fuller lip, hydration or a more prominent pout. This helps to reduce fine lines and add definition to the lip.


-Cheeks & Liquid Face Lifts-


$650 1mL | $1100 2mL | $1600 3mL | $2000 4mL + $500 per extra mL  

Dermal Filler lasts up to 2 years

1- mL of Dermal Filler is used to help restore volume for a more youthful appearance. By contouring the cheeks it assists in lifting and reducing heaviness of fine lines around the mouth, nose and jaw (jowls). Typically 1mL of filler creates a 'glamorisation' effect in the upper cheeks and 2mL+ will create lift and help soften areas of concern.


-Nasolabial Fold-


$650 1mL | lasts 12-18 months 

1mL is used to gently fill out the heavy lines found between the nose and mouth that often give people a heavy look around the mid-face. 




$6501mL | lasts 12-18 months

1mL is used to treat the lines that form from the corners of the mouth to the chin. By replenishing lost volume this helps to improve the 'sad' look.


-Chin and Jawline Contouring-


$650 1mL | lasts up to 2 years

1mL or more of Dermal Filler can be added to the chin creating a more enhanced jawline. This treatment creates length and projection to the lower face. 

-Temple Hollowing-


$700 1mL | Lasts up to 2 years 

Cosmelan Treatment

Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel - $1200 

This treatment is a two step process. Part one is the application of a stimulating mask in clinic and part two is the continued application of Cosmelan products at home. Detailed instructions on how to use the at home products will be provided and discussed at your appointment. 

Cosmelan is designed to target hyperpigmentation, dark spots and melasma. ​

Anti Wrinkle pricings are simply a guide. All treatments are tailored to each individual and pricing may vary depending on treatments and treatment goals. Anti wrinkle injections provide a highly effective method of smoothing and plumping skin. 


They work by temporarily blocking signals between nerves and muscles, this prevents muscles forming lines on the surface of the skin. All treatments are customised to suit individuals in order to achieve desired aesthetic goals. Want to look fresher but unsure what you need? Book in for a free consultation.

Anti Wrinkle '2 Area Package' from $399 

Anti Wrinkle '3 Area Package' from $540

3 types of Anti Wrinkle are available in clinic by request  

-Forehead Lines-

from $99

horizontal lines between the brows & hairline


-Crows Feet-

from $180

lines that form from the corners of the eyes

-Frown Lines- 

from $180

vertical lines that form between the eyebrows


-Brow Lift-

from $99 

raises the eyebrows, opens the eyes & creates a more arched brow 


-Lip Flip || Gummy Smile-

from $59

prevents the top lip from rolling under & showing too much top gum


-Smokers Lines-

from $99 

small vertical lines above the top lip


Jaw Slimming || Clenching

from $450

helps reduce the masseter muscle in jaw, creating a slimmer jawline

-Chin Dimpling-

from $99

 the 'orange peel' effect on chin 

Micro Needling

Micro needling - collagen induction therapy -

Package 1 - $249 per session

Package 2 - Prepay 4 treatments for $900 and receive as a complimentary bonus - take home kit including hyaluronic acid gel and recovery balm + $40 peptide sheet mask + plus a $44 Aspect Dr Try Me Kit.  




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Our Registered Nurse Kira Dawson is currently available in clinic Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. To view availability click the book now button. For alternative times please contact Kira directly.

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